The artistic center of Giraffe Inc. lies in its ability to create custom props and decorations for themed events. With a unique attention to detail, Giraffe Inc. is the company to call when you need your themed event to look polished and professional. We go out of our way to make the customer's job easy, providing new and extraordinary décor for theme parties, weddings, corporate events, special events, and fundraisers.

With the ability to design and build every decoration your event requires, our artisans ensure that only work of the highest quality leaves our shop. In addition to basic décor, we provide custom signage, from in-house cut vinyl, to step and repeats, to custom painting. With a full service shop, any metalwork and welding can be accommodated; we also offer any custom woodworking and cabinetry for your event. With 23 years of connections, Giraffe Inc. can provide anything your event requires.